Please return a breasts physics for female characters or do it less hardeness

When player put on body armor you are can change breast bones hardeness, it verys simple. Also you can add this as parameter in different body armor. Now its all are looking very bad.
May be you can add a heap physics.
Plese make female body armor like male body armor withuot additional breasts bandages. This is Conan Universe !
Sorry for bad english

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Indeed. The way cloth armor moves and metal armor doesnt same logic can (and should) be applied to certain body parts. There are some great hair physics in the game.
Women have that body part on chest that sticks out more than male counterpart. The center of said body part is quite suspectable to getting sore from friction if contained within an armor part. Bandages are like 10.000BC equivalent of bras :wink:
I am more than sure mods already exist or will appear to adress the issue raised here however.

Mods are exists, but not with physics

I fink there is a bug with breasts physics, in older version it was works good, but now for example in old variant of mid weight armor breast more soft when without armo

Hopefully, there are sliders in Character Creation for both Breast and Butt physics. If you’re going to tout nudity as a CE feature you may as well make it the best it can be. Male genitals have solid physics, or should have when aroused… (an emote)

What they really need to address is the male ‘windsock’ genitalia. Watching that body part flap in the breeze is disconcerting.

Are you saying that’s not how it really works??? Surely with a strong enough wind…

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I’d have to consult a medical professional, but I’m pretty sure male genitalia has more weight to it than, say, the hair on our head.

haha, I kid, I kid. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ve heard reports before of players noticing breasts physics seemed to have less bounce. Not sure what the status of this is or something they plan on changing. I’m sure we can focus more on this after launch if needed. :slight_smile: