Boss from Dregg falls undermesh

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
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Yesterday I wanted to get the step with the dregs. This is the second time, that I experience this:
Start to fight the Monster, after a while it turns to the left, ignoring you. You can bring it to attack you again. After some time, (small char with low damage weapon) the worm is somehow moved, you see the tail and the worm is much lower. When it attacks you it stays undermesh, so you cannot kill it.

Leaving and entering the dungeon again does not reset anything, even some hours later.
So my afternoon was spoiled with this experience. I experienced this around half a year ago with an other char already. Why is this issue still there ?


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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Carry gas orbs with u… Next time it undermeshes, throw some orbs and they will dmg it… Repeat untill it dies… Hope this will help u at least fullfil ur journey step


Hi @ZevLexx, the issue is known and will be addressed in a future patch, apologies for the frustration it has caused.

Thank you both, Ragnaguard for the tipp & Hugo for the hope it will be fixed some day.


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