Both EU testlive servers are unplayable

I’ve been on both the siptah and exile lands servers and they are unplayable.
My ping is ok on both servers (marked as favorites)

Massive rubberbanding and teleporting NPC’s

I checked the normal servers and there I don’t have the issue.

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It’s getting worse.
Now I’m getting stuck in random places.
Even on stone foundation floors.
Can’t move in any direction, can’t jump, rubberbanding all the way.

Ping is still ok

By the way, I would have asked other players on the server if they have the same issue, but haven’t seen anyone all weekend.
The lack of players makes me think they can’t play as well.

By the way, i’m in the bottom right corner of L7 on the siptah map near the wreck of the Sea Dog
I can’t even build.
Placing a couple of foundations get’s me stuck for a minute or so, again, rubberbanding.

It’s getting worse. Testlive Siptah EU server is now unreachable.
Trying to connect for about 15 minutes, no luck.
Same with the exile lands EU server
Hey Mods, can someone look into this?

Ya its the same problems with me too. I have been playing all the testive servers for about a year and they start out with bad rubber banding then get unplayable then unable to log in then there down for months. This is common and must be expected because its just gonna happen. Don’t know why this is but it is what it is.
Just sit back and move on. One good thing is they turn off decay when they go down. Some of the servers turn it on when there back online u just got keep checking. It`s just one big hassle.

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Thanks for the confirmation, Bigjohn.

I do wonder though how they expect good feedback from the latest version if the testlive servers are unplayable?

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.


Thank you, Dana, looking forward to continue testing.

It was better after you posted your last message, @Dana
And it was good playing for a day.
The second day I again saw lag, but only a few seconds, so not many problems
Third day, got worse again, killing animal NPC’s is stil feasible, except bosses
Killing human NPC’s is very hard because of the teleporting.
Guessing it will again get worse until being unplayable.

Not sure if this is related to testlive or not, but if it is, don’t bring this into production please.

As expected after about 5-7 days it became unplayable again.
And now they seem to be off-line for about an hour

Today my official server had an update. I expect this test release is now in production. I expect the problems you are seeing are not due to the code but due to the management of the server. The official server I am on is restarted daily. I have never seen the test servers restarted. I suspect this is the heart of the problem. However, since we get little feedback from the powers that be, I am only guessing.

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After a release goes to the official servers, it is typical to make the test servers unavailable for a while. I was heading back to my main camp when the server went down. I had a big load of star metal and black ice. I think, though, I was in a fairly safe location. Maybe I will see this stuff when the servers become available again.

Yeah would be nice that they give the people who spend some of their valuable time to help testing a bit of a warning.

I don’t really feel that they value our efforts. On the contrary even. I got a warning out of it, go figure.

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