Bought 12 month bundle, still paying subscription?

Hi everyone

I bought the 12 month bundle but my Steam Subscription fee is still being deducted from my account every month??
Do I have to manually cancel the Steam subscription?
I contacted Funcom support about this but didn’t hear back - they essentially now owe me 2 months of subscription fees :confused:

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It was supposed to auto cancle the auto sub, once you got the bundle. Help with the auto sub should be directed at steam, since it is their system, but you should be able to turn it off on steam. Any money return is directed at funcom i assume, but have steam started spending subscriptions time from your bundle?

The below tells you how to cancle it manually

Is this a deliberate link to cancelling Elder Scrolls membership, or is it just the same process for a different game?

I suppose, every subscription should be the same, click your name > account details > manage subscriptions. ESO instruction is legit though not sure why’d you need link it, it’s just that simple.

Largely the same process since it is through steam. Though finding Account Details miss some steps with the current Steam interface. Under Settings > Account and Account Details are kinda hidding in the upper right corner of that window.