Subscription refund?

I play on steam and i was paying for premium back when i was playing in January, I stopped playing shortly after. I cant for the life of me find where to end the subscription. As it just went through again earlier today, is there any way to atleast refund this month?

If you subscribe through Steam, you’ll need to contact Steam Support to request a refund of your order. Funcom Customer Support does not have direct access to Steam’s billing system, so we’re not able to refund these payments directly, I’m sorry.

Copied from Steam Support page:

Visit for help with your issue.

The Help site will guide you to self-solve the issue or send a help request to the Steam Support team.

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Shame you want to leave, sorry the game didn’t tick your boxes :frowning: If you haven’t played since Jan you won’t have seen South Africa zone, which was has a really great story…

That being said, to end subscription, in Steam click view menu, choose settings, then “view account details” link on the top right.

Third link down on the right of that page is “Manage Subscriptions”, which should have a number by it if you have any active subs. Click on that and then click edit by the sub you want to end. Should be a radio button with “Cancel my subscription”; choose that then hit apply.

Good luck with Steam giving you any money back, though, they refund like politicians keep promises…

Why should they refund something that has nothing to do with them? It’s ur option whether to subscribe or unsubscribe. If u can’t make ur own choices STEAM will do it for u and renew ur patron subscription every single month till u cancel it urself.

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