Unauthorized payment

I just got a message that I paid for 1 month sub SWL. I don’t play this game (I did in the past, but not long) and surely I didn’t have any intentions to pay for 1 month sub. I’ve already created a ticket and block my card. Is there any chance Funcom will refund the sub fee?

They won’t discuss payment problems on these forums for security, if you’ve made a ticket on https://www.funcom.com/help then you’ve already done what you need to. In terms of refunding accidental subs, they’re normally pretty good about it, but Customer Services have been very slow lately, so you may face a bit of a wait.

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For Acount or payment Issues please use the E-mail Ticket System.
The forum is not the appropriate place for it. If you make a Ticket through the System then you can only wait.