Bow and Movement changes

Been testing for a while and I see pros and cons here. I like the new bow changes, but it would be nice to add something to the extra attack button like how daggers get the backflip. That would make sense for the bow since you’re trying to stay at range. The new falling animations are cool, but the jump feels really sluggish now. Also, I feel like sprinting could use a small boost like 10% or so faster. Just figured that since these mechanics are being tweaked, now would be a good time to look at some additional changes and adjustments.

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Hey Fox!

Thank you for the feedback! The CTRL key when using a bow does a light attack so it would be easier to fire off a shot with a controller. This way you can hold down RT and hit LT to do the attack, instead of contorting your fingers to hit RT and RB at the same time.

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