Bow power shot and katana dash awkward to use on a controller

Bow power shot and katana dash awkward to use on a controller, because you have to hold down RT and attack with RB (default xbox, on PS controller would be hold R and attack with R1).
On mouse and keyboard it’s much more natural, as you hold RMB and attack with LMB.

Can Xbox and/or PS4 buttons be remapped on either console? I’m holding my Xbox controller that I use for the odd game here and there on PC, and it doesn’t seem to difficult fo me to use RT and RB. But I think you’re right, it would be probably easier to hold with RT and trigger with LT (or something), but maybe those other buttons are used for other stuff? (I have no idea, obviously)

There are alternative configs, I think the same on console are the ones on pc, didnt try then yet.
Will try and post back here.

The altrrnative config for controller is even worse for those actions, the attack/strong attack are mapped to X/Y, so you have to hold Y and attack with X.

For the bow you can hit RT (R2) to charge your power shot and hit LT (L2) to fire, making it slightly less cumbersome to use. I do agree that the Katana dash strike is a bit awkward to use with a controller and I’ll bring that feedback to the team :slight_smile:

Did not know that, it’s much better with the LT for firing.

Another note: katana dash can’t be dodge canceled. Bow power shot can be dodg canceled.

I think the katana is okayish to be used against NPCs (if they are running towards one, no good for hunting gazelles), but I doubt it will be used at all in pvp. What about allowing people to rotate while in that stance? Sure, might look… weird… But better than never being used… Though it’s true that the king is the polearm anyway.

Btw. As my mates wanted a change in a while, we started anew on some server with a few mods. (Now we are orks. :joy:) So it came that I found a steelsword during lowlevel in a chest of black hand guys and tried using it with the throwing axe. What a blast! The double axe combo was already coming with a neat combo+animations, but sword+axe? GENIUS!
This combo allows for a really swift light attack, allowing to go into heavy chain rather swiftly or a great gapcloser on the first heavy attack… I love it!
Only question is why I didnt try this when the new combos came out… I never even thought of that possibility…
Since that really wasnt news or anything, I blurred this.

Why Not just hold and release with R2, (bows) (I grew up with 4 finger on top do to Armored Core… doesn’t bother me to much)

Why split up firing weapons to two buttons.

My guess is it allows one to release without shooitng. But being PS4, i can’t test that theory :frowning:

Same, gotta hope PC crowd gives good feedback…

I use bows as my main weapon, My only hates was how heavy shot worked, and how heavy shot was after two light shots.

All i wanted, was better damage, light attack to be pew pew pew, with no heavy snuck in. And heavy to be what it was, or hold and release to fire. So I can aim a full draw and loose when I’m ready.

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When i first got on, i really wanted to do archer. But the lack of the rapid fire (nothing Zach Snyder crazy) and the not being able to do a “sniper” control your breathing type shot for heavy turned me away. This may draw me back. I like to scout/ninja kill as well as try and flank during PvP. This hopefully allows for much more group attacking methods. Kind of use the power shot/quicker attacks to “guide” enemies–like cattle–to a slaughter house of my melee brethren.

From what i watched about the katana, it looks like that will give the ground covering attack that combat needs. And the new bow mechanics DEFINITELY make me interested in running an archer build!

That’s a very good question! Glad you like the offhand axe combos, though! :smiley:

Exactly this. It lets you lower the bow without firing, and potentially losing, your arrow.

And that’s what you’re getting with this revamp :slight_smile:

2 out of 3, but double button use of bows is giving me bad flash backs to games that tried to be fancy with button layouts… when they can only be one button. XD

This way L2 can be kick, or bunny hop which cancels the arrow draw. (which would be better then rolling out)

I remmember when the combos where implemented some comment on hold and release shot being disabled because of the combo system. So the new button to fire is probably part of the implementation to fix the previous limitation on hold and release attack.

It’s so you have a way of raising the bow, aiming, and then not taking the shot if you don’t want to. Adding a shot to CTRL (or LT on controllers) lets you use RT+LT to fire a power shot instead of RT+RB :slight_smile:

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