Bow & Arrow - 'cuz we all want to be Legolas

Perhaps incorporate this idea as a perk for an advanced archer: use the bow as a lash and arrow as a dagger for when an enemy is too close to be effective as a projectile. Switch fighting style with the tab key.

Since using a bow in this way is abusive of the bow, its durability should take a greater penalty, but give an unblocked hit a chance for knockback and a lesser chance of knockdown. Damage should be greater than a punch but less than a stone sword.

Arrow as dagger: Standard melee damage should be greatly reduced, but since you’re violently extracting an arrow, chance to bleed the enemy should be greatly increased.

Animation: I don’t see why you couldn’t use dual wielding for daggers for this fighting style - but slowed down a bit.

P.S. I agree with the other threads that ranged DPS could use a little more love.

If you can switch fighting style you might as well switch weapons.

In the movie Legolas was able to hit an enemy with an arrow becouse he managed to precisely strike the eyehole of the helmet. Arrows break super easy in melee combat of any sort, they are not meant to be used as such. Similar thing would happen with the bow itself. It is stressed out and restrained by chord which limits its flexibility and velocity momentum of a strike (exactly opposite to a nunchaku). Furthermore it would easily break if clashed with any proper melee weapon, especially bladed one. Bows were used to parry and strike sometimes but it was more of a last, desperate resort rather than a viable strategy.

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Even Legolas switched to daggers in melee legolas


I am not certain that I agree with the original post, at least not with its depth. However, I would not be opposed to having a “swat” with the bow that with just the right hit (to the face, low percentage) causes damage to the bow itself, no damage to the enemy, but rather a momentary interrupt or very minimal stun such as ‘throwing sand in the eyes’ allowing for a slightly better attempt at getting back to a proper distance.