Bow Cripple, Bleed, Sunder?

With the new combat system. Is there any way to do Cripple, Bleed or Sunder with bows?

Also, what is the name or names of armors der give a bonus to Accuracy?

Stygian Raider armor gives accuracy and still allows for rolling while giving decent protection. You’ll just want to reduce the weight via kits so you can hold more arrows.

Bows apply a stacking cripple naturally. This also triggers the 20-point strength perk which will make all your shots deal 25% increased damage. You can also use snake arrows or poisoned arrows to apply a dot which both triggers the perk as well as applies some nice stacking passive damage to your target.

Hi there thx for the answer.
Aint there a light armor that give acc bonus?

I ask for the cripple effect for the str. perk you talk about. But i testet it and cant see the ekstra 25% damage from str. using a bow…?

Also under some weapons it says cripple and daggers say bleed. But bows dont have that?
Posion is not cripple. so are you sure about that?

Bows cripple if you shoot the target in the leg, but the hit detection seems a little finnicky at times.

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What about the snake arrows. do that count as a cripple?

Also… is there a way to see in you have hit the leg and cripple someone? Do it work on NPC? I simple can’t see the effect and see it working.

There are 2 or 3 sets of Med armor for range , and 1 heavy.

I am surprised many do not seem to know that Shemite is light armor that provides a bonus to accuracy.

I also cant see any crippling affects when I am using and testing the bows.