Bows and Arrows and Set Altar


So I have been playing around single-player mode, just to get a feel of the new stuff. And after reading the few forums posts here about the bow changes, I just had to play around with bows.

I also have played a lot on live with Bow build and because I really like the Hunter aspect and have a pet companion that charges the target while I fight from distance with bows. (I really would love an attack command on pets…)

But I feel that the changes now is actually destroying my playstyle. During an evening of playing on live I have no problem chewing through anything from 500 -1000 arrows. And I primarily use snakes arrows and poison arrows. The cost for specialist ammunition is OK and I think it is balanced. But the change with snake arrows which now has a much higher cost than before.

10 Arrows = 10 Branches and 5 Seals
That scaled up to one evening for me will come out like this :
500 Arrows = 500 Branches and 100 Seals (that’s a lot npc’s and human hearts to collect)

Now I do not mind grinding, but not grinding for low powered ammo.

A melee fighter just straps on his axe and shield or Spear or whatever he uses. He does not need to run around grinding a whole evening for ammo. And it is not like the archery is doing so much more dmg.

I don’t mind that you have to use human hearts and craft at set altar, this makes sense. But if somewhat the Cost / Yeild could be a scaling or something as you upgrade your altar etc.

T1 Altar = 10 Arrows = 10 branches and 5 seals
T2 Altar = 50 Arrows = 50 branches and 5 Seals
T3 Altar = 100 Arrows = 100 Branches = 5 seals

Or some kind of scaling.

One last note after upgrading Altar from T1 to T2 the archpriest disappears. A exit to main menu and login again in single player (server restart ??) makes the priest appear again.


you know this is a great idea. I might make a mod to have this feature to see if it popular pick and if it does work say for balance purposes but i do feel you that Making arrow is a grind but its a fun grind and makes being hunter that much more satisfying.

A note here id like to add why not have three recipes with a T3 altar having all three recipes available
So a T1 can only make 10 arrows… while a T2 can make both 10 and 50… and a T3 unlocked its third ability. Because what if you got 99 branches on your run and need some arrows now… so doing 50 branches and 10 branches would suit you better.

Did you also come to term with if you have different Tiers of priest in the mix ?

I do like your idea with 3 different recipes.

And regarding different Tiers of Priests I had many ideas.

e.g having 3 different versions of arrows normal, exceptional and flawless. And depending on the version Damage would scale, but I dont know how hard that would be to make such kinda of logic. And one would have to do some number crunching to see how it would playout. Maybe only the difference could be they do some more intial damage, the DOT is the same damage…

Damage is not scaled in the game rather its just hard put in by an item table. So you would just need to create a entry for each… not really hard at all.

And blunted Arrows kills…
this has probably already been reported, but doesnt hurt to mention again. In screenshot below I only fired blunted arrows… Notice how concussion bar is much higher than health bar.

i think it’s a great idea and suggestion !

Like you, i used snake-arrows a lot, and will still use them. But like you said, it’s timeconsuming to make them now. While it can be fun, it needs still time, what a melee-fighter doesn’t never experiment.

Yes, the altar upgrade should bring some skills in making these arrows, and perfect scalling can be in discussion, but definitevely like the idea ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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