Box lost armor weapons PVP 1066

I started to lose boxes of weapons and resources
errors when loading the game

please check what is happening - and I demand the return of several dozen lost legendary weapons and armor

There has been an ongoing problem for a very long time that placeables lose stability. It’s tied into the decay system.

Despite touching and what would seemingly share the same decay timer, those placeables affected will decay.

Additionally it has been reported many times that placing chests in the manner you have will most often present with stability issues.

Funcom will not refund your items as per ToC, please give it a read.


Yes have not stacked or placed chests on shelves in years
Some dissappear others don’t
Purchased couple Glimmer moons 2 days ago they disappeared today they are back strange things happening in the game. Sinners refuge saw a named thrall pop. Up when I get to use truncheon someone else. @Kikigirl @Horus


This is exploit! It shouldn’t happen. We shouldn’t be able to put chest on shelf. So the server doesn’t recognize it and it gets destroyed. Eventually you will loose all your chests that’s on shelfs. So put them on ground or ceilings that’s the correct way. I have lost many trying to build not vanilla in official servers. But it was my fault. Don’t trust official servers for building “beautiful”. Eventually you’ll loose :confused:, but i guess you already know now!

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