Boxes saying No owner and empty

Patch download today and big surprise half my boxes now say no owner and all contents are gone. And you wonder why servers are all but empty. Are you going to replace the contents?

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Damn my wife is downloading to our ps4s right now. Are you online official private server or offline. @Community have you seen this?

Yeah, we’ve seen the report but would also like to know what kind of server they’re playing on. We’ll need additional details to be able to properly investigate the issue.

I personally suggest @Warenpeace make a post in PlayStation Bug Reports - Funcom Forums using the template and fill in as much detail as possible to get this registered and looked at.


Quick followup, looks like this is an issue with the server DB not loading properly. The items are not actually gone, they just didn’t load up. The items should be present the next time the server is restarted. I believe we have a fix for this already committed in data and will be published in a future game update.


The server reloaded the items are gone. Conan was good now it is trash. I want a full refund. Every patch breaks more than it fixes. This is no longer the game I bought. It is now just a calamity of bugs, exploitation, and a imitation development team that swindled people. I will NEVER purchase a game from Funcom or anyone that does business with them.

The items are not gone, but as you were informed there is an issue loading the server database.

Funcom has released games with all major platforms including android, and iOS. They even released a Facebook game.

Also, they are a subsidiary of Tencent, which happens to be the largest video game vendor in the world.

I’d imagine you will have a hard time honouring your statement…

P.S. Tencent have a 49% stake in Roblox Corp, through Songhua. Which I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to learn. :slightly_smiling_face:


Given the response I’m closing this thread. The issue will be resolved in an upcoming fix patch, due soon. Thanks for your patience!