Bracketed torch and standing torch

Hi. I’m playing on PS4 offline and my issue is i can’t make the bracketed/ standing torch. They’re both made with the construction hammer that i do have and i also have the torches to make the bracketed/standing torch but can’t make them. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Double check your using “Torches” and not “Improvised Torches” .

I did see improvised torch. I dont remember how to get “torch”. A lot has changed since ive been away from the game because of my PS4 biting the dust

It’s one of the knowledge items. If you haven’t learned it, you can’t craft them. It’s always been that way, but you probably just forgot. Just check in your knowledge tab. It use to be called “Feats.”

Thanks. Just had the 2 mixed up

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