Feats/knowledge not available

PS5, in addition to not seeing my Frontier walls I don’t have most of my knowledge available. They are all green in the knowledge screen but almost none of them appear in my crafting screens including not a single building piece, not even flotsam.

Hi friend you need to make a constitution hammer in your inventory wood and twine. Then experiment it using material on you. Investigate all your new bearer packs that is your old fabricated items. @Birder

I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you mean by bearer packs. I’ll have to see if there is a constitution hammer item in my crafting menu. There isn’t much there anymore.

He meant construction hammer, but yes!

You need to craft one from 20 wood and 5 twine (inventory crafting)

After that you equip the hammer and that will put you in building mode, I think on PS left button opens the menu to select different pieces, all of the building pieces have been moved to that menu to clean up inventory crafting.

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Damn I need to check my spelling. That might have been auto spelling or my fat finger. At least we can find a torch to make in our inventory fast without all the clutter. @Xevyr @Birder

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Bearer packs like you get from killing a Bearer all your old stored foundations and such in them as materials.

Thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow.

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Can’t explain how to do it I’m not online but equip the hammer and practice I got really pi ss off to start and realized I was installing invisible foundations.

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