Braziers and Door Lag

Game mode: Online | Multiplayer
Problem: Performance | LAG | Shuffle | Slideshow
Region: US

Everytime I walk by and even look at a brazier or door, multiple times sometimes as you walk around them back and forth, I screen freeze for seconds. Even sometimes the brazier or door is in the distance. Kinda similar to the death bug where for seconds you just freeze and then quickly pick your bead for re-spawn. Xbox One, did not have this problem until the latest patch.

Also shelves, why can’t I put anything on the shelves? No boxes, vases, etc.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play Game online
2.walk by brazier or door, usually my own
3.lag or shuffle sometimes right off the cliff by the time I recover controll

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I’ve has this happen too, although I think it has something to do with just loading up the UI, as its happens the first time I look at each kind of placeable until I quit and reload

For me it happens all the time at any base of mine for sure. It’s the same type of lag xbox used to have while looking at crafting stations or boxes a while back. It’s like it moved to these new items. Quick loot is a hit or miss too now!

The shuttering effect is on my character movement now on the private server I play on. I lag right off of high areas to my death, to the point I gotta be careful when I move. When I look at a corpse it does the same shutter lag slideshow for a good 2-3 secs!

I’m looking for a fix, because its unplayable most of the time now. The death lag bug is also still here and it breaks immersion. So I get a rhino lag stutter then a death lag stutter similar to the pic above. Then 3 seconds to choose a respawn local.

On the upside I crash less often! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: woot!

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