Game is lagging on xbox one s

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Germany, everywhere ingame]

after the one week where i couldnt play at all i can finally play the new update but i really have problems with all the laggs i have now. conan was always not the smoothest gameplay when it comes to laggs on the xbox one s but since the update its even worse.
i died 10times or more due to laggs (froze/lagg in the middle of a fight with full life, after lagg ends i am dead; im running through the world than it laggs and i am lying dead on the ground because i “fell off a cliff” i was near like a minute ago…
my base need much longer to load although i deleted ALL my old thralls and i have much less thralls now.
enemies are invisible, swapping weapons gives me a second laggs most of the time…
opening inventory, boxes and workstations feels so much slower now…
and all this mini laggs where my character just freezes over and over again for half a second.

pls, when it works like this never update the game again Oo just keep bugfixing it, would be a way better game experience…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I play on Xbox One X and I have not played so much since the patch because of several still existing bugs & the Momentum. But I can confirm this behaviour on the X. Especially open chests or workbenches cann bring a reasonable lag so that you think the game has frozen. Also the Environment seems to lag strongly. Yesterday I made a round trip through UC for fragments and I thought “The lag is reasonable today”.

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