Breaking Ladder

I read a while back in a bug report about broken ladders.

Each time I start my game The bottom ladder leading to my second floor breaks off.

Single player. Room it 2 walls high. Hatch it one tile away from wall, and has 2 ladders. One touching the floor, and the other leading from that to the hatch… the upper ladder stays in place. But the bottom one keeps crumbling,.

I can see it happen if I start the game facing the ladder.

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This happens on multiplayer as well. Ladders disappear. Probably between server reboots.

I’ve noticed this bug too, both in single and multiplayer. All the bottom ladders in my bases disappear from time to time. I think it happens after server reboots on MP. Not game breaking, but annoying.

True it isn’t game breaking.

I just thought it was annoying.

And I wondered if it was because they didn’t set a snap point to the bottom of the ladder, or because you can’t snap ladders to foundations? I think either one of those may fix it… Although it could just be a issue with the snap point load sequence… The ladder spawns in before it gets told that it is connected, and so it falls.