Ladders are broken

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: U.S.A.

Love the new content, with the latest patch! And, kudos for eliminating melee attacks, while in Building Mode. It’s SO much easier, now! But, with this latest patch, the bottom sections of ladders immediately collapse, when I first boot the game. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

I had a 3 piece ladder, I filled the lowest floor in and made a 2 leg ladder, the bottom piece still goes away everyday

As it was at day one actually.
Has been briefly fixed for a couple of months, guess by coincidence, then here we go again.
It seems that having 2 ladders stacked is something really really hard to manage for Funcom coding guys.

Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll send it to our team so they can look into it.

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Same here. In a three-story building (ground floor, upper floor, and attic) the lowest part of the two-part ladder leading from the upper floor to the attic vanishes. This even happens for one-part ladders, in that instance it vanishes altogether. The question is, does this happen only when the ladder is mounted on a ceiling element (as is the case here), or does the same thing happen as well when the ladder is mounted on a foundation?

Same here, except I play on official PvP server 3527. Ladders are indeed broken again (they were fixed, but new big patch broke them again).

No matter what the hatch stability is (usually 70-80-90% etc.), the first ladder section in either direction gets a standard -10% stability reduction and works correctly (60-70-80% etc). ANY OTHER ladder section in the chain, gets a 0% stability number. It allows you to build them 2, 3, 4 in a chain (connecting ladder to ladder) etc, but all but the first one is 0% stability. So as soon as you log in, reset game due to crash or freeze, or server reset all of the ones with 0% stability get erased “due to instability” (all but first one).

This happens every time you build a ladder longer than 1 section. Even if the other end is sitting on a 100% stability foundation brick and they’re hugging 100% stability foundation walls.

I’ve had 30-40 of them disappear due to this, rebuilt them all, destroyed all hatches and rebuilt, etc. nothing corrects the problem.

Please fix soon.

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Wer hat die Leitern gesehen?
Drei leitern übereinander , nach dem ersten log out war es noch eine…nach dem zweiten waren alle verschwunden.
Wer ist dieser Schuft mit dem Leiter Fetisch…?!

Now our ladder is broken, we have a hole in the ceiling, and today 1 of 6 carpets have vanished.
Im thinking termites

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