Breast slider and breast equivalent

the default settings for breasts are like C cups? and the max is like a Fcup? I’m trying to figure out the scale? Help me out here

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The letter codes don’t really tell much about breast sizes. If you go shopping for a bra, you need to take into account the shape and firmness, too. Basically, you choose the one that fits best, not the one with the “right” letter. Also, the letter coding isn’t universal - an American F means a different thing than a Finnish F.

The max size in the game is something you won’t find appearing naturally in our world. It’s a pair of balloons. The size exists naturally, but gravity tends to have an effect on the shape.


Yup and then there are those with flat chests which FC didn’t take into consideration.


Best thing would experiment in your offline game. About 3/4 of slider or less is busy with out being absurd.

30% is C-cup.
anything less still looks like a C-cup
anything more looks like backpain

Did you know the Ethiopians defeated the Italian army using this slider?
With one swoop they could knock over a horse with rider, or a piece of artillery.

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“Da hell” you’re talking about? :slight_smile:

(I’m italian)

the battle of Adwa :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t know about that. I mean, helium occurs naturally as well, doesn’t it? So all you gotta do is combine the two and voila! An all natural solution to your gravity problem. :crazy_face:

leave the chest alone, but secretly reduce accuracy the larger the chest is and increase the smaller. I mean no bumps in between the bow string and the bow makes it easier for aiming versatility.

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Only ever have slider 1-2 clicks from left side. pretty rare in general to see thralls and npcs with small chests outside few t4’s.

I tend toss the ones with flotation devices bigger then grape fruits. XD

Yes but… I’m totally out the “breast reference”?
I mean, I can’t see no relation between this historical event and the bewbs joke?
Am I missing something?

Note Really?
the word “■■■■■” with and “i” instead of two “e” is forbidden???

the breast size will cause thralls vs mobs to hesitate and do that indecisive walk around the enemy. This is currently being shadow-tested live.

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