Bridge of betrayer render

Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: Performance
Region: north America

Solo play on xbox. Bridge of the betrayer has major issues rendering. If I log out and log in next to it, it will render properly but as soon as I walk a few steps away it turns into weird white blobs with no detail. I approach and it stays in blob form and not able to walk across it. Only fix is log out/in and walk across immediately (can’t move away or same issue)

Also since the very recent update (yesterday I think) campfires are turning green and trees purple. Sometimes it fixes but usually the campfires do not.

(Also not a bug, just a request. Please allow equipping thralls that are not fighters. The ones that work craft stations. My blacksmiths and carpenters are just wearing their loincloth…I want to make them look not so peasant like lol)

Steps on how to reproduce issue: