would be lovely to get some more added to the game in different zones of the map as brimstone atm is very hard to get unless you live near the caves in which some people have stayed away from these areas on pvp servers due to the high population already in the area.

area’s that i love to base in his the far north near new asagarth also in the snow area near by the ruins of xullan but with there being no brimstone in the area people tend to avoid these areas

No diferent area have diferent resourses, its good for the game. will be a boring game if you have all loot Close you youre home.

thats true thats why i have it marked caves like it could be something you can get after defeating some super tough mobs i mean the further north i went it got harder to fight some of the mobs not to mention the weather change in the snow area is rough at times.

tho brimstone doesnt have much weight, if you have to run over a zone or two to find it, not that bad you can haul back a good 2k in one trip

i think there should be at least 1 more node bunch somewhere as they are a bit few