More brimstones hotspots

I’m sick and tired of going south the desert all the time just to grind brimstones, we need more hotspots across the map, the east jungle, the north and much more, why hasn’t been there any changes for brimstones grinding yet? Funcom do something!

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There is lots of brimstone in the jungle biom! You have to learn breathing potion recipe in the Dregs (you don’t even have to go into the labirinth, recipes are just at the foot of the stairs leading into the dungeon). There is a lot of Glowing Goop in the northern part of the jungle. Cook breathing potion and gather tons of brimstone under the water along with gold and silver coins. If your base is in the North you can go to the brimstone lake north from Sepermeru (you have to equip Sandstorm Mask there). Brimstone is not heavy, full load of it will be enough for some time even if you don’t have a pet to carry more.


If you are up near the volcano region then one type of rocknose creature gives brimstone upon harvesting … the one that does the arm swinging attack.


Unless you need tons of brimstone, you don’t even need a breathing potion, but it’s helpful if you have some. I have a base southeast of the Pagoda of Boundless Lust just across the river, and I’ve never needed to import brimstone there.

And yeah, the Shattered Springs are very close to an obelisk, so you can teleport in, mine a couple thousand brimstone, and wander away. I build a base somewhere in the neighborhood so I can teleport away too (I like the region south of the Den - easy access to iron, stone, wood, water, thralls, flying rhinos and whatever else you may want, as well as being close to the best source of brimstone in the world).

There are a few brimstone rocks a bit east of the Black Galleon, so if you’re recruiting artisan thralls from the Black Hand you can spend some time mining brimstone in the neighborhood while waiting for the ship’s crew to respawn or your merry-go-round to finish training your new recruits.

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My only complaint regarding brimstone is that it seems incongruous that the NPCs who drop the most steel have no brimstone anywhere in sight. Seriously, how are the inhabitants of Mounds and NA making all that steel without also having access to the correct components? :laughing:


It’s the riddle of steel for the Cimmerians I guess.

So if they’re hackers, would that make Thulsa Doom’s posse the Exploit Hunters? :wink:

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Or maybe they have discovered how to make steel without brimstone? A secret that only a named T4 smelter could do? (would be a cool game addition to give smelters ‘secret knowledge’)


It would be great… Imagine some rare T4 Volcano Smelter making Composite Obsidian.

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The brimstone drop is balanced just fine. It is ok to have it as the limiting factor to producing bombs. You don’t need it for steel and only very little for other smelting so I guess it is fine that not every clan has a spot right at their door.

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How are you making steel without brimstone?

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Probably farming asgard. 400 steel per run.

Hell, Even Sepermeru can get you 100 steel by sweeping the city and killing npcs.

Mounds of the dead is another good place.

Edit: looting it


Well yes, that’s kind of a given for players. But the implied question is, “If the game world is internally consistent (i.e. NPC smelters following the same rules as our thralls), then how are the NPCs in NA and Mounds making their steel without brimstone?”

At least that’s the point that I was [jokingly] trying to make.

Actually, if they discovered how to use brimstone to make steel, it makes sense that they would use it all up… and leave none for someone such as yourself.

And yes, Mounds of the Dead is excellent because its so close to a a map room obelisk. Ez to get there, and warp back home. Looting steel off bodies is an excellent way to amass the steel reinforcements you need. Once your base is upgraded, you should not be as steel hungry, and a single, large brimstone run once a month should suffice for you unless you are actively building mega structures.


I guess that’s as good an explanation as any! :laughing:

NPCs ofc, even on 2x gathering servers it is way more steel/h than resource gathering in order to get steel. In addition to that steelfire is better used in explosives than on mere steel.

Well as the steel fire that needs brimstone is made in a fire bowl cauldron, logically the alchemists should have the brimstone … or it is all in their workstations … which are locked to us (unlike player created stations).
Ocassionally I do find brimstone on the mounds NPCs, less frequently on the ones at New Asgareth.

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