Bring avatars back

1 Reason:So bombs are nerfed, big buildings are getting even bigger now cause its nearly impossible to wipe those. People building crazy cave bases e.g gutter,ice caver etc etc cause of that update that makes pillar bases useless. Fence stacking is still crazy and the pre patch stack (like on our server) still is there and works so its really nice to raid that. WE NEED AVATARS FOR THAT! Throw 3 avatars on a big base and you dont have to farm 10k bombs to destroy all of that.
2 Reason: Claim! We got an guy on our server who has claimed brimstone for 1 year now. He comes every week ( now every 2 weeks cause of xmas) and replace with foundations. I cant tell how many times we used bombs to get rid of those but hes spaming and spaming. Gods could fix that problem faster cause the area they acces is wider and better than spending hundreds of bombs that dont do damage or do nearly no damage.
3 Reason: Im not sure which month now it is without avatars but raids getting boring and the reason I started to play conan was for the pvp and the avatar raids. Its not just some boom boom, its something special that only Conan Exiles has and no other game. The moment you summon an god is epic and that 1 minute of destruction is why I love them especially.
I hope me and my friends are not the only ones who think that.

Not having avatars has really made some base locations nearly impossible to raid with active defenders, Deserters gutter being one of the worst places if built correctly. I’d kind of like to see a building piece limit after seeing some cancer bases built in bunker spots. However a limit wouldn’t even be needed if there was a repair / build delay once structures took damage (similar to ark). Trebs are also way too weak and need better damage output. Unless you know the trick(exploit maybe?) to fully enclosing a treb that can fire in a protective shell building it’s simply way too easy to destroy a treb. All you need to do is build a tower out of a stack of foundations and fire a barrage of explosive/gas arrows down at the treb safely out of render. It’s way too easy for defenders to bunker up and swing a repair hammer.

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So there should be avatars so that you can trash someone who is hole’d up? I’m not sure that reason will engender much sympathy. If they were blocking a resource or something sure, but building an impenetrable fortress is kind of one of the goals of the game. There isnt a game balance issue here because it doesnt give them any leverage over you. There are lots of places similarly protected by terrain to build for the same level of protection. You want to be able to attack; they want to be able to defend. One of those has to give in the end and defaulting to not allowing avatars to just raze fortresses sounds pretty reasonable to me. I was never sure why the avatar summoning was allowed to be as powerful as it is.

you havent been on 40/40 players pvp servers then. Officials getting harder and harder now `cause of all this raid breaking changes.

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While I agree we need Avatars back, I do believe FunCom is giving them some attention so it may be a while. There is a big update coming in the first half so expect something in that. Am sure you will be disappointed when they are put back into the game.

Now my beef with you and other like you is how you come across as entitled to wipe a person or group using minimum resources. People farm for a week and build a base and you want to farm for an hour and wipe them. Repairing a base during a raid is a totally legit tactic, first off they have to have the refined resources in sufficient quantities to be able to do it second they have to run sufficient encumbrance to actually carry the materials. When the Turks destroyed the walls of Constantinople the Byzantines rebuilt the walls overnight.

If you are wanting to raid a well designed cave base, you will need 500 to 5000 explosives. People farmed for weeks to build that, am afraid you will need to farm for weeks to destroy it. Nothing is free in Hyboria.

You, it seems, expect to log in and raid Deserters Gutter with 20 explosives and a couple hours of your time. lol

You dont know anything about me.

Whether avatars or not, you can try to raid whoever you want and they can defend however they want. Nothing is unbreakable but you might want to ask yourself if its really worth the trouble.

Lol if only it took 500 bombs but instead there’s no getting in especially when there’s thousands of foundations, chest full of replacement foundations, active defenders swinging repair hammers and a sh1tshow of lag (usually intentional lag traps set with extra lights etc meant to cause blue screens) built into the base defense. Bunker bases built into caves or immortal structures without
Avatars are pretty OP right now. Smaller clans might as well build under the map bc the minute a bunker building mega clan decides to wipe the server there’s no stopping them without a ridiculous amount of people or resources.
I’d say the only entitled people are the people who come to servers with mega clans, build ridiculously OP bunker bases and then expect to wipe a whole server in a week or less.

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