Broken Block/Parry-Jump/Sand

I not know if this is on purpose, but, the parry with shield has been changed?

I use my Tab key for block/kicks, etc. Q and W for moving forward, so my fingers are close together, and not contorted in to painful shapes.

So would hold down tab and advance with shield in block mode, then attack, never having to release my finger from tab key. Now it only does one light or heavy attack if I hold down tab key.

Is this done on purpose or did you just break something in the latest download. I have Mods in my game, so cannot complain, because I not sure if game is compatible with Mods or if others have noticed the same thing, it has ruined my game as I was just thinking to myself, how much I was enjoying the combat animations and you ruined this for me. (Note on Mods: If I do use Mods, it should not be a crime and a fear every time a download comes along; that my game is going to crash, where is the fun in that?, it more stressful than entertainment?).

The jump looks like he is skipping and has dislocating his shoulders, it was not necessary to change. (It was fine as is).

The landing looks like Thor hitting the ground, make it a little realer…

Was that a new sand cloud, or did I just not notice it before, but it maybe just a bit to thick and unnecessary.

I sad that emote are like a treasure, being in AoC, we had emotes, but the most exciting thing about exploring the land; is finding emotes, really? You cannot think of anything more exciting than finding “Blow Kiss!?”

What is an adventure, is it the risk, the gain, a bit of both, what does an adventurer find at the end of his dangerous exploration though harsh environments, an oasis, lost treasure of heaps of gems, gold, rare and priceless weapons, armour and dozens of beautiful women begging for it; no Bone broth: x3.

Think about it, still, just having a laugh, game is fantastic, great scenery and combat, building resources, etc.

Just let me have my block back and the old jump, or put an option in Gameplay for those who want old jump back and those who enjoy it, can keep it, etc.


Oh, yeah, I play Cimmerians, so do not give me quest to venerate the Gods, I choose Crom, cause (I solo play), I did not want gods, etc. So remove it from any Crom god supporters journals thanks, and add, if some folk take Gods while in-game, but not before!

Again, hate complaining, this is a VERY good game, keep the good work happening!

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