[Bug/Crash] Layer 7 attack or what?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [EU]

Our server and many others (dedicated, officials… ) are getting attacked, some times the “crash” just kick the players and don’t let them enter again (we need to stop the server to fix that, because if not, it will continue not letting enter - last time was from 1am till 8am when I saw it to fix it) and other times are just a crash. That is what I saw last time it happened (yesterday):

[2018.07.22-19.26.45:469][427]LogNetSerialization:Error: FBitWriter overflowed! (WriteLen: -1, Remaining: 4014, Max: 4014)
[2018.07.22-19.26.45:469][427]LogNet:Warning: Closing connection. Can’t send function ‘ClientInventoryItemFloatStatChanged’ on ‘FunCombat_PlayerController_C_19’: Reliable buffer overflow. FieldCache->FieldNetIndex: 107 Max 231. Ch MaxPacket: 512.

We need some help! This is really annoying :confused:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


That is what G-Portal (my provider) said to me:

Same problem here.