[BUG?/Feedback] They Died So That Others May Live

Yeah not sure if this would be considered a BUG as such. Nothing is broken when it comes to if it works … just this ain’t right either.

This mission has bugged me since the beta. It was one of the missions that got moved around for the relaunch, but the descriptions were never given some updated love.


For starters Fireteam Delta is no longer found dead where this mission is found. One gotta question their professionality as soldiers since they lost their weapons over here. No wonder they died…

We are no longer at the upper quarry with this mission either.

With how detail oriented you guys are with this game, it would be really nice if someone could come up with a new description for this one =).

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Its bad enough that missions on the map are named something else than what they actually are called, without this type of fiasco lol

They are named according to the “npc” giving the mission =P. That is on purpose, as confusing as it can be =x.

OFC like Orochi corpse, Orochi corpse, Mangled corpse, Romany corpse, Charred corpse, Dead Orochi soldier, Skeleton, Severed Stone Head, Fetid puddle, and note - to name but a few wonderful NPC’s to collect sides from.

Time to do shrooms !

Well to be fair the Orochi corpse are the most trustworthy Orochi out there …

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All except when you need level 6 clearance?