Bug for The Purge

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Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Bug
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3020

hello all, I would like to report a bug, our purge bar is at the max but it never triggers (yet there are indeed buildings that are closed, spaces in our base or the enemies of the purge can spawn etc… ) but it never triggers,in the server logs we see indeed that the purge is activated but nothing and 3 min after we see that the purge has stopped.Does anyone have an explanation on this? thank you


Greetings @FubukiiTV!
Before you have an official answer, let me ask you a couple of questions related to things that happened to me before.

  • Is anyone on your clan online when the messages in the log appear? Playing in official PvE servers, when everyone on my clan was offline, the first person to get online would see the log with many “purge started” messages, but purge never started when no people was online. But, if anyone logged in on the timeframe for purges, the purge would trigger.
  • Do you see the red swords in the map pointing where the purge will occur? When a purge is actually going to happen, two red crossed swords will appear over your main base or outposts in your map.
  • Sometimes it just fails! I have a purge spawning in my main base one week. A lot of mobs, then the big bad boss, everything as expected. Then, the next week, a purge was announced in the same base. We got the messages, “a pack of…” was supposed to take place, but they never showed up. Time passed by, and then the “a pack of… was defeated” appeared. The purge was over, but no mob showed up. It may happen, it is some sort of bug, but I have had 5 successful purges and only one bugged.
    I hope it gets sorted out for you, purges are a lot of fun (and force you to get new Thralls, improve bases and, sometimes, move to a better place).

Good hunting!


no we in the server logs we just see that the purge has started but there is no purge, nothing on the map etc… (I want to specify that we are always connected)


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