[BUG] Gossamer/Spider Eggs Not Disappearing After Harvesting

I have noticed that using the sickle will not cause the egg object to disappear after harvesting the resource. You can still hit ‘e’ to force it to disappear but not receive any more resources for doing so. I have another friend reporting the same issue. I am using a hardened steel sickle and they were using the steel sickle so it seems not to be tool-based.

This doesn’t happen at the location where I am farming gossamer with steel or star metal sickle. I have seen this happen on crystal nodes though at Refuge at the Gremlins. You should give the location where this happens (alt+shift+L).

Noticed this at the Asylum of the Outsiders

TeleportPlayer 259569.53125 145334.859375 -18057.478516

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I was at Asylum of the Outsiders yesterday and did not see this behavior. HOWEVER. I was at the other “spider vault” a week ago and saw this exact same behavior. I simply forgot to bug it.

Not sure why this was hidden since it is a valid issue too. But I have heard similar reports from other players about similar issues with other nodes too.

I’ve seen the behavior described by the hidden post occasionally over the last couple of years. I suppose someone hid it because it probably isn’t germane and bug posts are supposed to be about a single issue.

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