[BUG] Greater Wheel of Pain Slow to Break Thralls or Not at All

Game mode: Online and Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

Thralls do not progress/break on the Greater Wheel of Pain. Their progress bars never move, and they never complete.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a Greater Wheel of Pain
  2. Place a Thrall in the Greater Wheel of Pain (I placed ‘Captain Ioushuwa’)
  3. Place gruel in the Greater Wheel of Pain
  4. Press L2 to start the breaking process

If you put the same NPC in a medium wheel, and a greater wheel, the medium wheel will complete in a few hours. In that same amount of time, there will be no progress displayed at all in the Greater Wheel of Pain.

Also, as a test, I lowered the thrall multiplier in a single player server to 0.1, and filled both the Greater Wheel of Pain and regular Wheel of Pain all with Captain Ioushuwas. When I turned the medium Wheel of Pain on, all 4 thralls instantly completed. However the Greater Wheel of Pain sat for roughly an hour and still showed no progress.

I can only conclude that the Greater Wheel of Pain does not work, or works at such a rate that it appears to not work. Please fix.

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Just placed a greater wheel in my SP offline game and I’m seeing progress bars. Out of curiosity where is the thrall break speed slider in settings? When we had the progress loss bug on wheels I wanted to change that but could not find it. Didn’t know if it was maybe thrall craft time one or not.