Greater Wheel of Pain Completely Broken. Bugged. Borked. And Absolutely USELES!

Game mode: [ (Online official) ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ USA ]

Greater wheels of pain are broken and useless now. I’ve now lost about 6 thralls so far. Some come out converted but that is now rare. Most are not unconverted even after it shows them completed. They show completed in the bottom right of the queue but when you try and remove them into your inventory, you get the error message, “Moving an unconverted thrall will destroy it, continue?”

I’d say out of about 10 thralls I placed in the GWOP I’ve only gotten like 3 thralls that were actually converted and able to be removed into my inventory. This is major game breaking and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a Greater Wheel of Pain
  2. Place thralls in GWOP with gruel and turn it on
  3. Wait until thralls are converted
  4. Try to remove thrall and get error message that the thrall is “unconverted”
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There was a note in the patch notes that the thralls conversion timer would be reset with the patch to install pets and the most recent DLC … as they say hopefully a one -time thing since yesterdays patch.

That is not what I am talking about. Carefully re-read what I posted. I am in no way talking about the timers being reset.

Again, the problem is that most of the thralls, AFTER being converted (i.e. the timer FINISHES), cannot be removed from the wheel of pain without destroying them. This has been happening now for 2 days and most recently this morning.

I have had thralls that give me that message and when I start the wheel again I find that the thrall who gave me that message turns up on the queue again to be converted but usually with a partially filled conversion timer.
so I had assumed that you were having the same problem. That although it looks like the thrall has completed as no long in the queue, in fact the wheel stopped for some unknown reason despite sufficient food available …and the conversion halted and the thrall was removed from the queue.
This is what happened to me with the Mitra Arch-priest I had on the wheel when the latest patch came through.

so if i am interpreting your post correctly …for the thralls where you get that message …turning the wheel back on does not make them re-appear on the queue? if they do not, then indeed you are having a different issue than what i’ve experienced.

Yeah I’ve tried turning the wheel off and on again to re-queue them. Doesn’t work.

That’s an unfortunate turn of events! Are you able to convert them to completion in other wheels of pain, by chance? Also, at which point in the process does this break the game? You weren’t quite clear on that bit.

In the meantime, I’ll throw down a Greater Wheel of Pain and see if I can replicate the issue.

I have had similar issues with this, but in my case Thralls currently in queue do not show up in the queue itself. Really odd.

Others on Conan steam forums reporting the same issue.

Quite the same bug here on officials. Thralls do show up when you first put them in the wheel (not only in a greater one, happened to me with medium ones) but after some time they disappear from the crafting queue and if you want to remove them because you would assume they should be finished by now then you get the same pop up as the OP. This issue seems to make the taming process for thoses “invisible” thralls much longer.

Only 1 of my wheel is affected by this bug, the one wheel that was already cooking thralls during the last update. All others (more recent ones) seem to be working fine.

It’s PVE (official) on PC

I am noting this down and will try to get some eyes on this issue. Could you clarify something for me?
This is happening with older placed Wheels as well as with completely new placed Wheels? It doesn’t happen all the time but is happening quite randomly? Does it seem to happen with a random specific wheel more than with another you own/placed or does it feel like it happens completely randomly?

i’ve also been wondering if it is happening with particular NPC models…is there a theme …are they NPCs blundgeoned at particular spawn points or with specific names or completely random?

This is all information that we are trying to collect to make it easier for the devs to reproduce the issue internally :slight_smile:
The more details the better!

It seems to be related to the patch only. Pretty much any thralls thrown in the day before the patch were converting, and once I put a thrall in post patch it made the existing thralls that still needed some time to bug out and stop converting. Contrary to the other posts they thralls from before weren’t actually done, they just don’t “exist” in the wheel any more. However, it might be a WoP issue in general. For instance, I only had a T4 Alchemist and a T3 Blacksmith in my wheel pre patch, they were roughly 50% done when the patch dropped, they were still going after the patch and when I placed a new thrall into the wheel after the patch, the 2 previous thralls disappeared on the lower right progress bar, the new thrall for some reason showed in the 2nd slot of the progress bar instead of the 3rd, and once that 3rd one was complete the other 2 didn’t reappear on the progress bar. My single lesser wheel of pain doesn’t seem affected since I can’t place more than 1 thrall. Today I plan on remaking my wheel of pain and just putting any t1s on it to see if it’s still happening after using a fresh wheel.

Thanks for the additional information.
As mentioned in the patch notes, we expected a reset of thralls that were converting. It should definitely not cause issues with thralls not converting at all or bugging out like this.

This morning’s hotf ix broke the wheels. 10/12/18

The thrall icons are bags!! lols

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