Thralls aren't converting on Wheel

**Game mode:**Online private
**Type of issue:**BUg

My thralls aren’t converting on my wheels of pain. I own a private online pvp server in the U.S. The wheels of pain are broken. I tried adding foods, different foods, and they won’t convert.

What do you mean by ‘train up’? Thralls don’t advance in tiers. The wheels of pain only make the NPCs your Thralls.

And if did mean the conversion from NPC to thrall - did you remember to click the start button? It also sometimes stops (machines generally sometimes do that) when restarting the server.

Yes, I mean the conversion. I check and hit the “play” button, often, especially after restarting my server. Thx for your response. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I have edited my post, accordingly.

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