Bug in dungeon!

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In klael castle after player dead and respawn near to exit , player is unable to pass to corpse, because need keys! I already collect all keys! what the hell? how can I get my equip, if I can’t go to dead place??! Key must stay until player in castle!

Hey @Awful_Genius

This is intended behavior, although not very player-friendly. We’ll send a suggestion to our team to look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

You can collect multiples of the same keys, so before wandering deeper into the dungeon, it may be a good idea to collect an extra key for the gates and store these in your base so you can quickly retrieve them and get to your corpse.


Once you have a set of keys, I recommend posting a pet or thrall outside the entrance to the dungeon with them. Then get a second set for yourself.

If you are prone to dying more than once, give your key holder more than one set of keys.


hello again ) one more question about “klael castle”: while diyng i was with my thrall in 960-points armor and with 9900 hp! with about 90% lifebar. and now I can’t find her! no in castle, no at home (last guarding position), no elsewhere! what the hell?? what the stupid rules?? why you can’t add simple color point to map where my hired thrall?? or maybe you say that thrall was killed?! really?! please, give me back my thrall!!!

Check your event log

Sometimes it takes a while for a thrall to wander home (last guard position). This happens to me when I am in the cell where the thrall should return.

There is one other possibility. There have been reported issues of the system ‘forgetting’ the last guard position and returning to a previous one.

I sincerely hope you are soon reunited with your thrall. Preferably before you break your keyboard.



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