When you die in a dungeon that require keys should you not respawn with keys on you?

This has probably been talked about before but I think this should be something that should happen. When you die you have the option to respawn in the dungeon but if you do how you suppose to get the keys back if you have nothing on you to fight the NPCs again?

It’s obvious they thought players would want to respawn in the dungeon as they give you that option but to have you respawn at the start of the dungeon that require keys to go through is not a way to do it. If they can’t have you respawn with your keys why not have you respawn in the same room you died in then? If you are a solo players there is no way for you to get back to your body without the keys.

Funcom should look at this again.


100% true

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Klael’s stronghold? Getting the first key is easy, there is a chest in front of the first door, but the statuettes… Try fisting the big guys to death.

You shouldn’t get the keys back, but the doors that require should be opened when you go back to your body.
That would make more sense.
Or the devs should let us shove the keys up our @$$, because it’s our… special inventory!

Seriously: I too find kinda annoying that you have to SOMEHOW fight your way back naked, particularly when I’m up in the north doing things and a sabretooth kills me, which means another round of fight against sabretooths, elk kings, direwolves and frost giants to get my stuff back. Lots of times butt naked (because I forgot to place a bedroll or accidentally clicked to base respawn).


Or you should respawn in side the door that needs to be unlocked (inner sanctum).

But then you wouldn’t have to grind out all those legendarys again. Which is funcoms (no one else’s) idea of a fun gameplay loop.



You might cause something, but it may not necessarily be pain


Once you are in the door give the key to your follower. When you die the follower will go back to the last know placement. Go get the key…

Probably at the end he will give you the statuette by himself!

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The problem is that your follower will only go back to its guarding spot after 30 minutes, which is long enough for your corpse to despawn.

Also, you better hope you didn’t die during a fight with the Arena Champion, because if you’re waiting for your thrall to teleport out and someone else goes in, they’ll activate the AIs and leave your thrall to die.

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