Klael's Stronghold

Is it normal if you go in here with friends and the key holder dies you cannot exit the dungeon?
My m8 and me went in and killed the champion but he died and he was the one with the inner sanctum key.

I was running out of water yet could not exit the inner sanctum as I didn’t have any keys. Rather silly if one person dies the team have to die.

If its not a full wipe why can others not open doors to get out or let the dead person back in.

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Most of the Dungeons aren’t meant to be exited by going backwards, instead they have a shortcut to exit at the end, and so does Klael’s Stronghold.
Meanwhile there are several things you could have done to get out, you could have gotten the key by looting his body, also I think that most of the doors requiring a key can be exited from the other side without one(This I’m not entirely sure of).

Some dungeons however will at some point require you to finish it or die before exit is a possibility.

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I couldn’t loot his body as I do not own it, that was our first choice then I could have let him back in and given him all his gear back. In the end I quit the game and then rejoined which logged me in just inside the main door.
I could not open the inner sanctum door or arena door from the inside without a key.

Thats the danger of entering dungeons. The only way around it is to keep extra keys at your spawn point.

This isnt like other games where once you get your gear you always keep it.

Believe me ive lost many sets of gear.

I make more armor and weapons that i keep in reserve now in case i die in a dungeon.


That’s the charm of this DG! She is very risky, you can lose everything, but if you are fast enough you will be able to get all the keys and get to the place of your death, thus recovering your equipment and will have a decision to follow DG or return.

This I do not mind but only 1 person gets a key so if you run a 4 man group or so then you need to do each section 4 times so all get keys and that is silly. Maybe if the key holder dropped his/her key at death would be normal.
Saying that its the same with the scourge stones only 1 person gets them at a time which really does not encourage COOP play as if the others are faster at looting you get nothing and can do it all again and again until you get the drop.

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it happened to me more than three times! I lost legendary weapons and my best armor …

I find it interesting the way it is! I only managed to recover my things the third time this happened. And if it happens for the fourth time, I will duplicate the keys for security.

It really may be wiser to collect several sets of keys before venturing too deep. Some of the bosses down there are jerks and even if you know what you’re doing, accidents can happen. Having a set of keys for each player, and a spare set in your base, can be kinda a pain to collect, but if you intend to spend a lot of time in the dungeon, may be worth the effort in the long run.


You have 1 spare-key in your base or somewhere near it. Not on a player.

Then 1 guy has the key. If the key-holder dies, he travels back and uses the spare-key. After that he should give the 2nd key to someone else and hopefully both dont die at the same time :slight_smile:

I have a maproom next to he Obelisk there with a chest with 10 keys for arena and the inner sanctum :smiley: Helped some players who died there, to get their loot back :wink:

But yeah, if you didnt know this, then its an annoying mechanic.

However this mechanic isnt completely new. If you want to kill the Priestking/The King Beneath you would need demon blood to open the door. If you die in there, you would need it again…

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On the PvE servers I’ve played on, the inability to loot a clanmate’s corpse has resulted in quite a few such situations. Almost makes me prefer the days when anyone could loot anyone’s corpse, even in PvE…

For Warmaker’s in particular, the solution we would use on Officials, etc. was to spend time farming multiple sets of keys. After a while, most of the long-time players on the server had them and could swoop in for an assist if help was requested in global chat. Since you guys are all friends, you might consider spending some time doing the same.

Another thing to do is to keep the keys on one of your followers. In this way, any of you will be able to access that thrall’s inventory. Additionally, if you all wipe, eventually the thrall will get bored and teleport home with the keys.


keeping keys on thralls is a good one. Never thought of doing that.

Remember, you still have to grab them to open the doors…i forgot once :frowning:

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