BUG in Weaver's Hollow

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Weaver’s Hollow | Scuttler’s shortcut]

I entered Weaver’s Hollow jumped down to spider boss and killed her but i can’t leave that place. When I try, I die out of breath without any reason tried a lot of times. I tried entering from Scuttler’s shortcut but there I died from “You were killed by falling through the world”. I can’t get my loots tried all possible things there’s no way out. I even cant climb wall there. Only way to leave that boss spider is through Scuttler’s shorcut but that’s not possible for me please help. I have a lot of legendary items on me so i do not wish losing them ((((((

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It’s a bug to do with the anti undermesh system that was introduces with 2.3.
A workaround to get your gear back was found by a member.

“Edit: only managed to get gear back by taking in a bearer thrall - keep on the rocks, jump off the rocks to your body, do not take a step (cos you die), fill the bearer with your rescued gear and let them return to base on their own or order them to move to a nearby clan mate who can order them to follow from the safety of the stairs. (Big thanks to clan mates Tif & Taf for the bearer and their on-site support; big up to clan mate Fraggle for his awesome bearer idea)”
Good luck hope you can get it back.

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