Bug inside a chest in the ocean

Hello there.
I play the game in a official br server.
When I go in ‘‘O5, O6’’(location) inside the ocean, when i can find some silver coins and gold coins in a chest.
I cannot see anything, just don’t appear for me. It’s doesn’t empty, just don’t appear the itens for me.
Somebody can help me?

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It happens from time to time. My theory is that the person that opened the chest before you, didn’t close it with E command, that makes the items inside not respawn. I am not sure of this though. I sometimes make chest runs in that part of the jungle (there are at least 6 chests I know of plus 3 others on the northern river bank) and always close them with E, then when I come back a bit later after respawns, the chests are full again.


Oh thanks for the aswer friend.
Is it not a bug, really?

Not really a bug, though again not sure. When this happens, you have to wait for a server restart for chests to spawn with its content as it should. Hope that helps. If you need silver and gold bars, you have the option to visit the mines near Seperemeru for silver, and the obsidian nodes up the road of the pilgrim, or inside the volcano for gold. That yields raw gold and silver to melt in the furnace for bars, from which you can make coins if needed.

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Those chests (in water in the jungle) have a long respawn time (30 mins more or less), so if anyone loot them it takes a lot for the treasure to respawn.

When totally emptied a chest do not appears to be “empty” (you see the slots but they are voids) but the slot grid do not appear at all.

But, on the server where I play someone also sometimes noticed some chests appearing like this also just after a server restart (when, in teory, they had to spawn fulls), so some chests may be really bugged.

So it’s very difficult to say if in your case it was a bug or just someone arrived before you.

What I can say is if you destroy the chest (wich is easier with chest on the land, I know) usually fixes the chest (next respawn it works).

It exists also a third case: sometimes it’s your client (the game software running on your pc) having problems in loading content of a chest.

So the chest is full and it works for the server but it’s your client do not loading its content. In that case you can: 1) wait, usually in few mins the client loads and shows you the content 2) leave the area and than come back to force client to reload.

I hope this could be usefull somehow to you, also I suggest you to ask to @Ignasi for example to place this topic under the correct section of the forum.


Oh that’s cool. I don’t know it. I will visit the mines near Seperemeru.
Thank you for the help!!

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I will try this. Thank you for the help my friend…


Javelins work wonders in resetting underwater chests as a heads up. I always carry one in case someone looted only part of an underwarter chest an I need to respawn it.

Moved to the correct section.
Welcome to our community, @Cristiano145 :slight_smile:

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