[BUG] Invisible Thrall

Anyone else have an invisible thrall? I was happy last night to finally capture my 1st thrall (T1 fighter) on this island version, and logged off after I had taken him off the wheel and placed in my shelter. When I logged in today, he was invisible. He’s there; I can open the inventory and even beat him with a mace; his name tag shows up and he is listed under followers; but the thrall is entirely invisible. I have rebooted the game, rebooted Steam, rebooted my PC. Alas, an invisible thrall is a useless thrall.

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I have the same issue.

Yeah same here.

Same. I created a lengthy post about it here:

If you guys would like to link screenshots also that would probably help our case. Hope it gets fixed, I can’t play like this single player, it’s useless.