Isle of Siptah Invisible thralls

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Local
No mods, 100% vanilla

When loading the game, my only thrall is invisible.
So I don’t know if this affects all thralls.

It is not a loading bug like the base taking some time to load in, because even 15 minutes later, he is still invisible (everything but the weapon)

If I pick him up to move, he is visible, when I put him down, he’s invisible again.

He is visible in the inventory

It has been reported and acknowledged but you can use this workaround for the time being.


A floating sword is kinda awesome in principle, but I’d prefer it was intentional!


No you don’t. :wink:

The thrall died before I had the chance to try the work-around.
And since he’s invisible, I couldn’t find him to recover his gear.

But yeah, having a floating sword following you gives the isle of Siptah something magical :smiley:

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