Thrall followers invisible

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Thralls are told to follow. They follow for a bit then disappear into a ghost form(still following but invisible, I know this because they cause you to rubber and when you get near them). Their inventory is inaccessible and they don’t fight in this invisible form. No one else can see them as well. Suddenly at random times they may appear and help with an encounter but usually not. Have to log out, log in for them to reappear (difficult to do when server wait time is 20-30 minutes for full server). This happens with multiple T4 thralls.

On a side note their AI seems to have worsened, before patch they would attack more often, now they seem even more glitched.

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Hello @Crock, thank you for the heads up!

Could you share which server you’re playing on? Does the issue occur in both areas with heavy load ( several assets such as buildings and npcs ) and in areas with very few player placed assets?

Regarding the AI issues, we’re aware and our developers will look into it as soon as possible!


Hi Hugo, this is on server 1592. It occurs in areas of heavy load and carries on into light load areas. The followers will become visible intermittently in both areas at random times but mostly remain invisible. Thanks for the reply and looking into it.

Hey Crock, predating this patch are a number of issues related to armor, weapons, aggression and teleporting.

Long before my T4 Bearer becomes glitched in a way as you relate, I stop, make her stop following, and remove all weapons and armor from her. Next I replace the armor piece by piece, and give her back her weapon and sandmask. The way you determine if she’s glitched is to have her follow on flat terrain, and watch to see if she intermittently stops, appears to pause and turn, then teleports to you. If you toggle her armor and weapons now, you will forestall the latter effects of server lag which cause her to actually disappear. When you resume running with her on follow, she will now smoothly follow you and avoid this state for the rest of the session, usually in my experience.

Separately, there are different workarounds for getting your thrall to fight. I’ll be happy to help with those, but prefer to remain focused on the teleporting/loss of use issue. Good luck, happy fighting!

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Thanks Barnes, I’ll give that a shot! Yea the fighting issue I typically unequip and equip their weapons, or run far away until they teleport to me, rinse and repeat until they fight again.

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