Bug issue for pc client of (Conan Exiles

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*** I love the game I played it in beta and was exited to see it go to main client (some bugs on trying to change nudity to none to partial or full)

Just your helpful beta bug tester helping out. please fix soon

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1.click nudity on gameplay or server play
2.then look at the changes that don’t happen
3.still will say stuck of nudity (None)
4. do it again same result

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Nudity settings are saved locally. If you change it the menu settings before entering the game, it is possible to enter the game with different nudity settings. You should be able to change them once in-game to your desired affect.

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Hey there @wowworldofchuck

We’re aware of this issue, and for the time being as a workaround, you can either follow @Multigun’s suggestion or edit the setting manually in its .ini file in case you’re playing offline or in a private server of your own.
Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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