Bug: Moth Wings and got shot to zero HP by overwatch

Ok, Dux used Moth Wings but got shot in mid-air. It’s zero HP and bleeding, but it lie down in mid-air. No one could use a med bag on it. It should fall down to the ground after one turn IIRC.

Hey Coreone,

I will report this bug back to the team. Please let me know which platform this is on: PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

If you win the battle he should revive and return to the team.

The platform is PC, thanks.

Thank you very much. Did you win the battle and did it bring Dux back to life?

Dux fall off to the ground after one turn. So I am able to use a med kit on him.

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My dux got stuck in mid air bleeding out not falling down after one turn am using pc version game is spoiled now