BUG: Official servers, PVE, Players killing our thrall purge defence. + rhino king

  1. So If it is a PVE i think players should have no way of access( highjack) thralls from workstations. Especially because we cannot lock them, like shrines, furnaces etc…

  2. Also Thralls (archers) pick a fight with other players but WHY? It is not ■■■■■■■ PVP . And players can kill them. WUT?
    I mean really every day have to be like this: Start game - get 10 new lvl3 archer thrall convert them place them to the defence stations against the purge. go to sleep… rinse and repeat… Can we play too? :smiley:

It is not acceptable at all. Fighter/Archer thralls in a PVE environment are only for looks, and defence against the ENVIRONMENT (like purge or aggressor mobs)

Please fix this while it is not too late…

Oh and the rhino king… It is on the best place of the map…
I wouldn’t mind creating an arena around it… but than other players won’t access it at all. Please make him move from the oasis to a sh!ttier place. or give us more ponds in the desert. :smiley: Or better an OPTION to build a pond.

Large Well is practically a pond.


LOL :smiley: But thanx anyway. I know that allowing us to make a pond would require a whole new game mechanics… voxel modelling… so I wouldn’t ask for it just yet. :smiley: :smiley: Keep up the good work guys. I hope you can smash those nasty bugs in time.

I see in today’s patch notes that Player thralls will no longer attack other players. good start, but the real issue is other players killing off all our thralls on pve servers. it should be that players cannot attack player owned thralls and said thralls will not attack other players on PVE servers. simple.

We discussed it in the patchnotes thread, devs gave us answer about it that they discussing it internally, and we got a “sure but maybe not on day one” kinda answer for it as well. :smiley:

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This rhino king has ruined my plans too.
Such a wasted building area…

like. without like cuz I ran out of like quota o.O

Anyway I can feel your pain for sure. But BUT… not anything is lost… :smiley:
I maybe going to build there a big city with an arena around his spawnpoint… OFC blocking all the climbers out because it is a PVE server :smiley: Take that FunCom…

tell me if you succeed then, because i’ve been observing its zone of action ( if you see what i mean) and it’s pretty large, it includes the 2 mini lakes + a radius of about 30 or 40 meters out of the lakes

I haven’t tried to build there yet because my old estabilishment is right on the spot. :smiley: just the other lake than that box of his… right next to the Mitra teacher lady. But if I must do then I will wall off that hole hill with the two lakes in it no problem. it only takes a time… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i’m waiting for your next screenshot then:grinning:
For me the problem is different, i wanted to build right in the middle…and a rhino king wandering around every hour every day, well…you get the pict.
see ya!

Yep I know him very well even from the inside cuz I tend to stuck between their legs on the wrong end…
I thought you have a building not allowed here error.

If that’s not the case you just lifted me from like a 2 days worth of work :smiley:

I mean build a T2-t3 foundation tower climb up and kill it with bow on lover levels.
And you are free to build till he is not around. IF anything else fails.
First thing: a wall around his chest with like a 5-6 ring width (IF WE can build that close… )
IDK where his ACTUAL point of respawn is but I guess it is “right next” to that chest.)
If you nailed it he is trapped there. and you are free to build the city around :heart_eyes:

Rhinos fighting is no fun right now, hope they’ll change it before launch.
About the area near “Muriela’s hope” i didn’t try to build at all last time precisely because of the Rhino king, but i can guarantee you i built there (right on the lake) in my last server a few months ago.
This place is just one of the best in the entire map. Location, ressources and nice environnement.

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I have estabilishments on those two lakes both on official server, and in singleplayer but both of them is from before that patch.
Anyway I tried and I can build stuff there nowadays too.
So not all hope lost. :smiley:

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lol…good to hear.
Don’t forget to post a screen of your new rhino king ZOO later on…

First I have to be lucky that no one in that server start to build there first :smiley:
Zoo LOL … Haven’t thought about that before. I wanted an arena…which has a bit of other purpose you know. :smiley: But hey, thank you for that idea.

And yeah I can make some screenshots and upload them to my stream account (same name if you wanna add me) anytime.
… Speaking of which… I should create a bunch of screenshot about my city in singleplayer while I have the chance… :smiley:

Speaking of arena, take a look at my older screens on steam to see my coliseum in the desert…