Bug: Player can place drying racks atop fish traps

Bug, Official TL, Private TL, North America, PVP Vanilla

Summary: The player can place drying racks on top of fish traps.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. It’s easier to start in an enclosed space, but can work with following directions.
  2. Place two fish traps in proximity “side-by-side.”
  3. Place a fish trap nearby the other two as if to “wrap” them.
  4. Place a drying rack on top of the two nested traps.

* Finally tried it outside after repelling the dadgum neighbor horde.


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Probably more then just a drying rack could do this.

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And what’s the point, boredom ?

Like Multigun said, probably more things you could by test and trials. But why ?

LOL! Usually I try and look for ways other players might break the game. If the thrall slot on the dryer becomes active, I can envision a fleet of these things on an Official PVP just to mess with the framerate.

Sure, understand, but by “correcting” all these possibilities that might be possible in some minds your make a nearly unbearable and not very fun game at the end.
Sure we can try to prevent all ever imaginable possibilities, but how will this end up for the player wanting play and having some good time.

I mean, nobody really like cheaters, but there will be still some, that’s how the world is. The game of the cat and the mouse, you know.
In EA the building system was one of the smoothest and nicest, and it became more and more limited and tedious over time because undermeshing problems and stuff. Sure, i understand, but understand that at the end, the normal player and builder is here the loser.

I don’t see no wrong doing by Barns for testing this. Dryers are know to have strange impact on processing speed which had effected other stations nearby in the past. One could try to speed up fishing for example if there is still an issue.

Well…at least the we know that problem is not a lack buoyancy.

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