Bug Report: Character can move at full speed if encumbered

When over encumbered, if you unequip a tool, you are able to move at full speed, even while over-encumbered. I was unable to reproduce this bug in local game play

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start Local game (unsure if this is repeatable on a public server)
  2. Equip Hardened Steel pick
  3. Mine for Star Metal Ore
  4. Become over-encumbered
  5. Hit “X” key to unequip pick

Bug: Character can now move at full speed as if unencumbered.


Had the opposite happen to me. I was encumbered carrying a Jaguar with my torch equipped. When I put the Jaguar into my animal pen my encumber percentage went down to around 82% but I was still only able to walk like I was over-encumbered. Once I put the torch away I could walk normally again.

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