Bug Report: land claim being ignored by rival clan

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU / 3210

Official Server 3210 - Location: peak for APEX location D7

My tribe (Talhantes) has claimed peak (vertical structure) on D7 (Official 3210). We have also placed some snakes to claim some land around. During last night or today in the morning a rival tribe has created Tier 3 structures under our base and around which made impossible to build on our base. The weird part is that the claim seems to work for their structures, but neither our base or our stuff did properly worked to claim the land for us.

Please take a look.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Unknown to us. Only the server logs will provide information. From the player point of view we are unable to realize what happened, why the land was not claimed from our existing structure and it is a mistery how they managed to build.
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Hello @ketheriel, welcome to the forums and thank you for your submission!

Could you please share a few screenshots or a video that shows your base and the location where the other tribe built within your claim?

We have abandoned that server. Twice victims of SkyDome teleport bug. One on 3040, other in 3210. People moving after us from server to server. Two weeks of time down the drain. Two apex bases raided without reasonable explanation. My tribe disbanded yesterday, and honestly I am getting tired. Now 3040 doesn’t allow me to log. Halfway during loading sends me to title screen. Can log on other servers. I am happy it happened now before I purchase the season pass. Please fix undermesh teleport through SkyDome and issues on connectivity. It’s tiring to keep starting over on new servers.

I have left the previous message and it seems I am not available to join it again. Regarding the Skydome bug, I am going to ask my friends from my ex-tribe to tell me and provide source.

Let me make just a remark; Most of such stuff is on youtube. Having a bot searching youtube or using some sort of API to return daily a list of videos that match certain criteria like ‘bug’, ‘exploit’, etc could probably keep you up to date. I mean, it’s a 10 minute investment using a high level scripting language like python.

I have been involved in open source movement, mainly linux, and let me suggest to start taking bug reports in private as it’s too easy to lurk the foruns searching for critical bug reports and then search the internet for videos ou similar. Having them handled in private (such as critical security reports) would probably help you and the community as I suspect most people do not engage in distateful behavior.

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