BUG report *ROD OF SET

When I pickup the artifact “ROD OF SET”
my game crashes… every time … :frowning:

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Any error message or (windows) logs?

Hey @megalaks,

In order to find the crash I am going to need a bit more info from ya (also did you receive a crash upload dialogue?)!

If possible could you send me your Steam name? I tried to find you using your current name in the forums but that might be different. You could either send me the info via email: support@petroglyphgames.com OR head on over to the official Discord Join the Official Conan Unconquered discord! and you can DM me there.

Had same issue when picking up item of mitra. It might be that i had no free slots?

Welp @Arcone whenever you pick up a third ability what supposed to happen is that the oldest artifact in your possession will be replaced and dropped to the ground as an artifact crate.

I’ll go ahead and take a look and see if there’s some shenanigans afoot (although i’m not certain if @megalaks had any artifacts already in their possession at the time).

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I had no free slots either.
But It works with other items than ROD OF SET.
I have a game right now where I have killed all three guardians, but I cannot pick up the last artifact (rod of set) because the game will crash… I can just continue playing without picking up the artifact.

Just tell me what to do, and I’ll send crash report.

I made a video:

A message pops up with this text:
Creating crash report…
Saving crash report…
Writing dump file…
Contacting crash reporting server: http://crashserviceext.petroglyphgames.com:6570/
Packaging report for upload…
Sending crash report
4194304 sent.
4315480 sent.
Petro Crash Link:

I had an issue with the coin artifact (coin of Diaz?). My hero died, the chest dropped on the ground. When she respawned and ran over to pick it up, it stayed on the ground.

I have a screenshot if needed.

I crashed when my hero died too, so it might have something to do with artifacts dropping instead of having to do with artifacts being picked up.

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Hey @megalaks and all, as of last weeks patch, Conan Unconquered Game Update (Patch Notes for 05.06.2019), you should no longer see this issue.