Conan Unconquered Game Update **(Patch Notes for 05.06.2019)**

Greetings everyone! The following patch deals primarily with issues reported by players over at the Official Forums, thanks for your patience! See Patch Notes below for more info:


  • Several crashes addressed during normal gameplay (no set reproduction steps)
  • Corrected crash specific to attempting to plug in or unplug audio headset or speakers during video playback.
  • Fixed hang on game load screen for slower systems which were below the minspec.
  • Fixed hang on game load screen for heroes other than Conan (also on occurred on slow systems).
  • Improved load times for heroes other than Conan on scenarios 1-4.
  • Fixed issue wherein guarded chests around the map would contain the same loot. These chests now contain random contents as before. Does not affect chests looted from killed spawn locations.


  • Difficulty scaling adjustments made to infintite wave mode to address challenge curve for more advanced players.
  • Players are now able to build on all diagonal wall pieces during wall mode. Previously, some areas prevented wall placement even though they were valid.


  • Allowed for additional loading screens on custom maps (cosmetic only).