Conan Unconquered Game Update **(Patch Notes for 11.06.2019)**

Good Morning to some and Good Evening to others! More improvements inbound, details below:


  • New UI created for hero selection at scenario/map select screen.
  • Placement of structures no longer slows down FPS while grid is shown.
  • Fix for units being unable to move if they exit a guard tower too close to a wall.
  • Player is now prevented from building structures on top of summoned snakes, skeletons and spiders.
  • Adjusted attack range and settings to fix instances of Shem Asshuri’s attack damaging targets through walls.
  • Fixed issue with missing particle on corpse when player units die due to fire.
  • Fixed issue with Kalanthes heal visual effects not playing.
  • Adding lightning effect to show connection between Custodian of Yoth and Healing Stone.
  • Fixed issue with King Spiders in custom 10 wave matches not properly blocking structure placement.


  • Solved issue where remapping an existing key to another key would cause two key actions - one for the press and one for the release.
  • Fixed bug where the game could go into an infinite loading screen if the server is on a slow machine.
  • Fixed bugs with the attack waves and the announcements being incorrectly displayed & announced.
  • Crash bug fixed when attempting to place structure (rare).
  • Fix for two issues (one loading, one saving) which would cause a crash in some cases.
  • Character Select Screen: Fixed player being able to select their character after launching the game in single player.
  • Character Select Screen: Fixed tooltips not appearing on locks and host selected icons.
  • Character Select Screen: Fixed bug that guest player’s displays on the host machine didn’t reset when the guest left a game.
  • Fixed bug where the allied player’s selected symbol would not be set properly when the allied player selected a character that is locked for the local player.
  • Fixed crash issues with mid-movie audio device removal/changing, plus Alt-F4 game fast process terminate shutdown. Basically, if you exit the game or plug in headphones during a video playback, the game would crash.
  • Numerous localization / text issues in languages other than English.


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