Conan Unconquered Game Update **(Patch Notes for 31.05.2019)**

Greetings Ya’ll and welcome to Launch Weekend! For this weekend, I’d like to present you with a couple new features and hefty set of improvements, Patch Notes below:


  • New Feature: Easy Mode added to All 5 Map scenarios.
  • New Feature: Player rewards are shown once scenarios are completed.
  • New Feature: Button added to score screen to allow players to move to the next scenario without returning back to the map selection screen.


    – Base health reduced to 70 (was 90)

    – Thralls produced reduced to 4 (was 6)
    – Wood purchase cost reduced to 8 (was 15)

  • MANSE:
    – Thralls produced reduced to 8 (was 16)
    – Stone purchase cost reduced to 10 (was 15)

    – The repair formula for all player structures has been revised. Assuming repairing from one point of health, all repairs should now:
    — Max out cost at ~75% of original build cost
    — Max out repair time at original build time -10 seconds
    — This now takes feat health upgrades into account.

    – The greater version of this artifact was incorrectly healing the hero; this has been fixed.

  • Player units will now automatically attempt to extinguish fires if they are nearby. When explicitly ordered to extinguish a fire, ordered units will drop the order after the fire is extinguished (instead of waiting for another fire to hit the object). We will be evaluating this for further improvements in our next update.

  • Fixed bug where selecting your Training Ground (TG) then selecting an ally’s TG would set the ally’s TG as the current TG to build from, but since you can’t build from it, you were unable to build. Now it will keep your TG as the current TG to build from.

  • Fixed bug where player B using player A’s research building could not cancel the research player B started. Also fixed a bug where player A cancelling player B’s research would give player A the refunded resources.


  • Fixed several reported crashes, including a crash related to saving the game while an auto-save was in progress.

  • Decreased the length of time for auto-save to complete.

  • Fixed issue where slow host player is preceded into game by client. This would result in a freeze at the loading screen when entering Co Op.

  • Improved animation with several units including the Guardian Demon, Shem Assuri, and Kalanthes (hero).

  • Fixed low-res texture for resource grid icons and improved font for resource crate pickup info.

  • Game will detect and disable hardware mouse option on initialization if game is set to full-screen and mouse trails enabled in Windows. Previously this would result in an invisible (but functional) mouse cursor.

  • Increased the length of pings on the mini-map during pause mode.

  • Fixed bug where the hot key icon would not hide for the resource tool when hotkeys were turned off.

  • Player is now able to cancel Save and Quit option’s action via pressing ESC key.

  • Added status effect for “webbed” effect on units.

  • Fixed skirmish map history not censoring challenge names on popular challenge page.

  • Fixed skirmish map history not displaying wave data correctly.

  • Terrain outlines are no longer visible on an unexplored minimap using monitors where brightness is set unusually high.

  • Handful of UI improvements including updates to tech tree for Italian and Spanish, improved alignment on menu options and tooltip health color for enemy structures corrected.